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What People Are Saying About Therapeutic Massage


“I came to Ann almost a year ago with constant pain in my hip. Today, after receiving therapy from Ann, I’m able to stand on my feet longer than ever before. Also, when my hip pain does flair up, I now know how to work through the pain using several exercises and stretches that Ann showed me. My quality of life has improved tremendously, because I now have more control of my body. It feels great to be back in control instead of letting the pain rule my life.”

     — Hollee Ganner


“Massage therapy has been shown to promote healing of all types. It minimizes swelling, softens the skin and underlying tissues faster, and promotes lymphatic drainage. The integration is a natural.”

     — Grant Stevens, MD, plastic surgeon, Los Angeles


“Massage therapy is a complementary therapy, not alternative anymore. It’s of tremendous benefit.”

     — Brad Stuart, MD, Hospice Medical Director, Visiting Nurse Assoc. & Hospice of Northern California


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