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Four Sports-Enhancing Benefits of Massage Therapy


     Repetitive movement, over use, and trauma. These are the three most frequent reasons athletes suffer from muscular tension and pain. Expert massage therapy can help to prevent and treat these problems in four powerful ways.

1. Boost Circulation       
     To keep your muscle tissues nourished, oxygenated, and free of toxins and waste by-products, your blood and lymph systems need to flow without restrictions. A knowledgeable therapist can enhance optimum flow of your entire circulatory system.


2. Improve Flexibility       
     To achieve optimum performance levels, athletes’ muscles must first achieve optimum flexibility. A well-planned program of stretching and expert massage can help ensure the optimum flexibility of every muscle. Massage aids flexibility by releasing hypersensitive trigger points, breaking up muscular adhesions, and realigning injured muscle fibers, so they can form new healthy tissue. Professional assisted stretching will also be applied at the end of the sports massage to enhance flexibility of the joints and tissues.


3. Speed Up Recovery       
     After enjoying the victory of achieving your goal, you don’t want to waste time recuperating. Massage therapy can keep you feel great even after you’ve pushed your body to its limit. Massage will encourage your body’s critical recovery mechanics — including flushing your tissues, preventing scar tissue formation, and keeping your joints supple and pliable. By taking great care of yourself with massage therapy, you’ll also help prevent physical and emotional burnout.


4. Prevent Injuries       
     There are two keys to keeping your body free of injuries: making sure that chronic tightness in any muscles is released and listening to your body to be aware of small problems before they become big problems. An expert massage therapist with experience working on athletes can help you achieve both by releasing tight muscles to prevent strains, pulls, and tears, and training you to read the messages your muscles are sending you before they are injured.

These four massage therapy benefits all adds up to a body care plan that lets you keep training and achieve your athletic goals — year after year.

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