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Hands-on Experience!

Throughout her career, Ann has achieved hands-on experience in several areas including:


• Athletic Therapy. Ann treats marathon runners, triathletes, ironman contenders, volleyball and soccer players, cyclists, outdoor adventure racers — as well as University of Texas football, basketball, golf, and track and field athletes.


• Rehabilitation Therapy. Ann provides advanced rehab for a wide range of conditions, including post-op hip, knee, ankle, and spinal surgery, whiplash, migraines, and repetitive motion dysfunction.


• Worksite Massage. Several businesses have called on Ann’s services to provide onsite massage therapy services to their employees, including Motorola, Business Wire, On-Site, the San Antonio Express News, and IBM.


• Community Service. Ann dedicates time to several organizations, such as, the Austin School for the Blind, Austin Children’s Hospital, Austin Sunshine Camps, the Lance Armstrong Ride for the Roses, and many more.

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