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Realizing Her Potential!


Ann Transforms Medical Challenge into a Life Without Limits. Today anyone seeing Ann Lara running around Town Lake would never guess that in 1997 she faced the possibility of never running again. At 25, Ann experienced a life-changing event — she had hip reconstruction surgery due to a degenerative bone condition. Rather than let the injury force her into a life with severe physical limitations, she educated herself about her body, worked hard, and found her life going down a road she never expected.


In her early 20’s, Ann had been leading an active life as a runner, hiker, and traveler. But after the surgery the doctors said she’d be lucky to even walk without a limp, much less run again. The doctors told her to be prepared to have a sedentary lifestyle. She refused to accept a life of limited mobility, and after three months in bed entered into six months of rehabilitation therapy determined to regain her body’s maximum physical potential. In the process, Ann not only met her goal, but also discovered her true calling — massage therapy.


As soon as she was back on her feet, Ann began studying massage therapy. She immersed herself in learning all of the various therapies that would allow her to help people achieve their maximum active-life potential, whether they’re a runner, tri-athlete, or enjoy any other sport. Today she’s an accomplished expert in neuromuscular rehabilitation, sports injuries, exercise ball therapy, trigger point treatment, myofascial release, and stretching.

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